gerardo bello
From the heart. 
It has been a long road since I took a camera in my hands for the first time. After twenty years I think it is a road that does not end, because there is always something new to learn and there is always room for improvement. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of portraying some iconic figures as well as traveling to places where I had to go beyond my abilities to meet my goals.  Seeing my work published is a feeling that will never leave. No matter how long you have been in the media, each image has something that makes it special. I thank God because he has given me the talent, the patience and the privilege of being able to do what I like for so long. I keep going forward always with the expectation of seeing what he will put in my way. It is simply a great blessing.
About my work.
I studied communications at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. In 1999 I got my first paid job. Since then, I have never stopped. In 2000, I started working as a photojournalist in a weekly newspaper.     In 2003 I, climbed a step when I was hired as part of the staff of one of the most important daily newspapers in Puerto Rico, where I stayed for 10 years. It was a process of adaptation, changes and great challenges. Working in newspapers helped me learn how to shoot any type of work. This allowed me to expose myself to those who would later be my clients. I had many independent jobs, but it wasn't until 2013 when I started my career as a freelance. Six days a week and a "free" day, that was my freelance life. I had clients in government, museums, advertising agencies and hospitals among many others. In 2015 I decided to follow my heart and moved to Lawton Oklahoma, where I got married and started my family life. In 2016 I started working for a local newspaper, which opened the doors to expose my work locally. I currently work for Lawton Public Schools's communications office as a multimedia manager. I'm still available for freelance work from time to time, so give me a call and see if we can create something cool. I don't have a specialty in the field of photography, although I consider myself a photojournalist first than anything else. That is why you will see in my portfolio a great variety of works. The business pushed me to do video, and that turned into a great thing because now 85% of my work is video production. Well, if you came to this point in my story, I ask God to bless you. Thank you for visiting my website. Please be free to send me a message.
Gerardo Bello.