This video infomercial style was made for Altus Public Schools. The goal was to passion election that will give the school district 6 million dollars from mortgage tax. In 2019 the community pass the election allowing the district to make all the improvements needed. 

This videos made for the Lawton Public Schools Foundation to show the community all the hard work the teachers does in the classroom and how the money people and businesses donate is being use. 

Keith Jackson 2018 campaign. Jackson won the reelection for City Councilman. 

Ada and Kaelin wedding, 2017.

Daniel Pae Campaign 2018. Daniel won the election. 

This is the welcome back video for Lawton Public Schools for the school year 2019-2020. On this video we  portrayed most of the aspect that are important to make the new year very special and build the excitement for educators and students. 

Don't Text & Drive Campaign for Lawton Public Schools. Student from the drama class from MacArthur High School participated in this video. Video air on TV and social media

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